Riki-Metisse Marlow is a Melbourne based Visual and Sound Artist. Riki-Metisse has exhibited both in Melbourne and interstate since her graduation from Monash University, in 2008, where she completed her honours Degree in Fine Arts. Riki-Metisse has received National gallery of Victoria Trustee’s Award and Alliance Française Prize for Monash University Graduates for her artwork.

Riki-Metisse Marlow works across mediums of video, sculpture and sound to generate audio and visual connections and disconnection that help us understand how sound and image helps us place ourselves within space. She walks the line between sound and music and through her work she is trying to find where one begins and the other ends, or if in fact they are simply one in the same. Riki-Metisse’s artworks works are the visual and audible results of her experiments with sound and object, the outcomes being a residue or a mark from the initial act.  In this respect performance is a large part of her practice and Riki-Metisse has been involved with solo performance and with collectives over the recent years.


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